Insight School of Art Painting Competition at the East Barnet Festival

Posted on by Paul Regan

The Insight School of Art is delighted to once again be a part of the East Barnet Festival on Sunday 3rd July. We have decided to have an art competition this year during the festival to raise money for The Alzheimer’s Society and we are hoping lots of you will get involved to make it a great success and a really fun day.

We are looking for teams of three to try to raise the most money from the sale of their paintings and drawings produced at the festival. The winning team will win a prize. The competition will take place on Sunday 3rd July between 10am and 5pm at Oak Hill Park in East Barnet.

Please complete and return an application form to enter.

So here’s how it will work:

Each team may start painting or drawing from 10am in the park. Once an artist has finished their first piece of art they should take it to the Insight School of Art sales table in the marquee to be packaged in a clear envelope and fill in a sticker with their team name and the sale price of their choice (maybe something like £5 or £10). The people on the sales desk will then try to sell their work and if they do, they will record the amount for that team. Artists can do as many paintings or drawings throughout the day as they like. The team who raises the most money will win a prize.

The following information may be helpful too:

Artists should meet at the Insight School of Art sales desk at 10am to collect their first piece of paper.

Sales will take place between 12 and 5pm in the main marquee.

Artists can make as many works as they like up to 5pm to increase their chance of winning and to raise the most money.

Unsold work will be a made available for sale at the school during the following week. Work unsold after this may be collected by the artist.

Teams can change the sale price of their own work at any time during the festival.

The subject matter can be anything the artist feels a buyer may be interested in; for example the park landscape, a tree, the fun fair or people having fun.

All sales will be added up at the end of the following week and the winning team will be announced and a prize awarded.

The prize will be announced at a later date. It probably won’t be much but you will feel so good having raised the most money for The Alzheimer’s Society and knowing you had a lot of fun doing it.

All artwork is to be produced on A5 paper using you own drawing medium, watercolours or acrylics.

There will be a teacher team and hopefully  another staff team too.

If you watch the apprentice and think ‘I could do better than that’ then WE NEED YOU on the sales desk so please volunteer.

One member of each team must attend the Insight School of Art.

We hope that lots of children will get involved. Children under 14 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

It would be really nice if people could stay on after for a bit of a social, have a drink and listen to the bands.

If you would like us to find a team for you, please let us know.

So what are you waiting for…….. fill in your form now!

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