Tracey Emin

Posted on by Paul Regan

If you ever want to create a lively debate in class all you need to do is mention Tracey Emin. Never have I known people’s opinion about an artist to be more divided.

There’s no getting away though from the fact that she has become one of the most successful British artists of our time, and her current exhibition at the Hayward Gallery has had fantastic reviews from nearly all newspapers and Time Out.

Two of our Level 4 students have also blogged very positively about the exhibition:

‘What an exhibition! It is a very comprehensive collection of her work which is beautifully presented at the Hayward. Some of the work is raw and shocking and her later work (in the upper gallery) is subtle and very beautiful. Well worth a visit’.

‘It was very inspiring with a powerful theme of loss in all its permutations…. highly recommended’.

So, be brave, get ready for some uncomfortable subject matter and head down to the South Bank to see this very important exhibition in the history of British art which, I for one won’t be missing.

N.b. This show contains works of an explicit nature. Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

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