Our landscape heritage

Posted on by Paul Regan

Following the successful exhibition at Forty Hall, Margaret Crutchley,
Raina Goran and Helen Robinson are bringing selected paintings from ‘Our
Landscape Heritage’ to Insight School of Art in Barnet, North London.  Each
artist expresses their own unique way of interpreting landscapes created a
varied and evocative exhibition.’

Brought up in the town, Margaret has always loved and been inspired by the
beauty of the countryside.  Her realistic, but slightly stylized works have
well-planned composition, lively colour and painterly brushstrokes which
capture her emotions when viewing inspirational scenes.

Raina is excited by the natural rhythms and patterns of the landscape and
the challenge of finding an equivalent for this with a gestural brush mark.
She paints using bold, complementary colours to create expressive
semi-abstract landscapes, and has been inspired by Barbara Rae and David

Helen paints atmospheric landscapes with a strong sense of light.  Her
recent work comprises a series of expressionist forest scenes , enhancing
colours and using energetic brushstrokes to increase the vibrancy of her
subjects and emphasise seasonal and weather-related effects.

Three artists: three different ways of looking at the world.

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