‘Reality Check’ exhibition by Insight Artists

Three of Insight’s Studio Friday artists will be hold the exhibition ‘Reality Check’ on 2 – 4th November at White Conduit Projects, 1 White Conduit Street, N1 9EL. Private View Friday 2nd 6pm – 9pm.


They ask ‘What is real? What is normal? What is fantasy?’

Press release:

Three female artists Jacqui, Michelle and Caroline are revealing art work that contrasts fantasy with the real world. They explore the idea of escaping to a world of extremes, as if reality is not good enough on its own. We take hundreds of selfies and are often unhappy with them, or we manipulate the image using photoshop, creating an idealised version of ourselves that does not exist. But let’s take silly photos of ourselves and enjoy what is real and what can be beautiful.

The artists have celebrated contemporary challenging issues like gender fluidity and body image which are becoming more and more common in the media. The artists establish a dialogue between their works to demonstrate what reality can mean to different people, as well as a chance to escape from this reality and return to a world of fantasy and innocence. Transitioning from childhood dreams to the modern reality of single sex marriages, these artists explore art through their newfound surroundings. Along with humour, this exhibition will inspire you to question what the modern world is all about.

Escape into a new world and give yourself a Reality Check…

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