Information about attending classes using Zoom.

If you book a termly class, you will receive a Zoom invite and password before the start of the term. The same invite can be used for each session until the term ends. When booking one-off classes you will receive a Zoom invite before the start of your class. In all cases, if you haven't received your invite 48 hours in advance, please contact the school straight away.

You will need to download Zoom in advance. If you are new to Zoom, please practice before your first class. Youtube has answers to most Zoom questions.

Please keep your Zoom invite information safe and do not share it with anyone else.

Please make sure your Zoom name matches the name you used when registering or we may not be able to allow access until we have established who you are. You can change your Zoom name quite easily by finding the Rename option.

It is forbidden to photograph, film or record the Zoom screen in any way.

Having accessed the class, you will be in the waiting room until the start of the class. A member of staff will let you in and you will be greeted by your teacher.

We recommend that you have your screen on so that your teacher can see and interact with you.

The bigger the screen you use, the better the experience you will have.

Zoom students should be prepared with painting and drawing equipment and space to make work.

We recommend that you have your screen on Gallery Mode so that you can see others in your session. We will Spotlight your teacher when they are talking to the whole class and demonstrating, as well as sharing images by artists and other students.

Your teacher and students in the class will be able to see Zoom students on a big screen in the studio.

We will usually mute Zoom students at the start of the lesson to avoid background noise. You are welcome to unmute yourself when you need to talk to the teacher.

You can use the Chat facility on Zoom to send a message to your teacher. The member of staff controlling Zoom will pass on your message.

To show your teacher the work you are doing, you will need to hold your work up to the screen. Your teacher will then Spotlight or Pin your work and give feedback.

During classes for adults, we often use Zoom Rooms so that you can interact in smaller groups.