Life drawing

Click here for a short film about life modelling made by CNN in our studio.

Life drawing is about learning to look and recording what we see in a considered and artistic way. It's generally thought to be an essential practice for the development of a person's artistic skills. Drawing from life is fully absorbing, thrilling and rewarding.

Life drawing classes at the Insight School of Art are suitable for people of all abilities. The first half of each week usually consist of carefully planned drawing exercises, designed to encourage a more discerning eye and a broader knowledge of the use of materials and processes.The last hour each week is for students to explore their own ideas, working from a longer pose.

During weeks 9-11, students are given the opportunity to create a more substantial work, with the model maintaining the same pose for the whole three weeks. Some students choose to use this opportunity to make a painting on canvas.

The Insight School of Art is a relaxed and friendly learning environment. Guidance is available from our experienced class tutors throughout each term and informal discussion and analysis is encouraged between students.

Drawing equipment, paper, model fees and refreshments are all included in the cost of the course.

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