Become a Patron

artwork painting by Paul Regan, Insight School of Art, Whetstone

We are offering supporters of Insight School of Art the chance to become patrons. Funds received from patrons will help support the school through the current difficult period due to the Coronavirus.

When becoming a patron, in addition to knowing that you have made a significant contribution towards the future of the school, we are also offering you the following benefits as a thank you.

  • A set of seven signed limited edition Giclée prints produced by Insight teachers.
  • An invitation to join teachers for a special Patron's Lunch.
  • Take part in up to three classes each week during the summer term 2020, or receive weekly face to face critiques online if unable to attend the studio.
  • An invitation to a gallery tour in London led by Insight teachers.
  • An invitation to meet Studio Fridays artists in our Whetstone studio to talk about their work.
  • Acknowledgement on a plaque at the Whetstone studio.

Events listed above will take place in 2021, when it is safe to do so.

The first Patron memberships will be effective for 21 months, from 1st April 2020 until 31st December 2021.

Individual Patron Membership is £1000. Sign up.

Joint Patron Membership (Family) is £1500. Sign up.

Joint members are entitled to two of all the above except for the prints.

Please get in touch if you have already made a payment for the Summer term so we can deduct this from your Patron payment.