Zoom Life Drawing

Sue Temple

In response to a call out for a favourite drawing each from our current Zoom life drawing students, we received the following fascinating works. Congratulations to all of our life drawing students, who have achieved so much during the past year, learning with Insight over Zoom. We would also like to thank all students for embracing Zoom and sticking with us, and therefore helping us get through this most challenging year.

Jess Miller

Naomi Gould

Judy Sampath

Angela Stafford

Ant Hurrion

Barbara Gough


Gill Owen

Maureen Hedges

Hilary Vernon Smith

Judy Plaut

Karen Martin

Katherine Hopkins

Melissa Harris

Rebecca Guyver

Sherry Davies

Tai Lee Pitkin

Vivian Collins

Diane Magnas

Ann Green

Carol Curtis

Judith Harper

Sharyn Peck

Instagram: @david fathers

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