Wendy van Blankenstein’s “Peace & Quiet” at Lauderdale House

First given an easel at the age of 80 Wendy van Blankenstein joined Insight School of Art and set about learning to use the ‘wonderful colours of oil paints’. Her exhibition, “Peace & Quiet”, at Lauderdale House next month attempts to share the peace and quiet of nature she has experienced as a walker, traveller and gardener.

The exhibition is on show in the entrance hall of Lauderdale House. Highgate Hill, London, N6, from Wednesday l8th to Friday 20th September (11-4), Sunday 22nd (10-5), Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th (11-4) and Sunday 29th (l0-5).

Wendy, thank you for being such an inspiration. We wish you a very successful and enjoyable show.

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