Some interesting links from e-newsletters we receive

We’ve been meaning to do this for some time now…… send out a list of some of the most interesting e-newsletters we receive. Click on the links and let us know if you find them interesting too and we’ll do it again.

From the Photographers Gallery, information about a very interesting series of collaborative projects called Directives, lead by very well known photographers and artists, resulting in your photographs being displayed at the gallery.

From Turps Banana, a very good painting magazine, an invitation to see the results of their first ever, one year painting programme at their end of year show.

From Saatchi Online, Chief curator Rebecca Wilson sends very regular emails promoting a selection of art from the tens of thousands of artists who show their work on the website. Anyone can upload their work. NLAN artist Julie D Cooper did and was spotted by Rebecca a couple of months ago. You should do it too.

From the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, a half price ticket offer which they are happy to be shared around, so if you fancy going, click this link and use the promotional code LETARTIN.

and finally, from the slightly bonkers forward thinking very clever designers at Berg, it’s been fascinating following (and finally understanding) their amazing Little Printer.

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