New Exhibition at the ISoA Gallery: The Face

The remarkable new exhibition at the ISoA Gallery entitled ‘The Face’ shows twenty captivating paintings, drawings and sculptures by seven members of the North London Artist Network who make portraits.

Berry Birdsall
Margaret Crutchley
Richard Greaves
Jo Greenyer
Jess Miller
Carol Robson
Kate Willows

The exhibition explores the diversity of methods, styles and materials that the artists use to record the face. From Richard Greave’s intensely dark oils, referencing the Old Masters, Jo Greenyers contemporary pop portrait ‘Michael’, cleverly crafted from organic shapes of acrylic paint and Kate Willows’ beautiful small 15cm tall clay study ‘Richard’.

All seven artists exhibiting make portraits to commission. Commissioning a portrait is the ultimate gift; having something incredibly special made that will outlive us all, a family heirloom, a record of how someone really is, body and soul, for generations to come.

If you are interested discussing a commission with any of the artists exhibiting, please contact them through the NLAN website. Many of them could have work ready for Christmas.

ISoA Gallery
122-128 Lancaster Rd
New Barnet
Herts EN4 8AL

Until Friday 7th November

Non ISoA members viewing by appointment only


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