Fiona Payne exhibits at ISoA

Posted on by Paul Regan

NLAN artist Fiona Payne is currently showing some of her most recent paintings in the gallery at Insight School of Art in Barnet, North London. ]

As an artist, Fiona aims to express aspects of herself onto her canvases; ideas and thoughts that maybe hidden from consciousness. She says that she achieves this through an ‘intuitive approach to making art’, and lies in the freedom of ‘a stream of consciousness’, a tool often used by writers and poets as a form of expression.

Once underlying features emerge, Fiona applies decorative layers and embellishment. Ideas are expressed through use of bold colour, pattern and form and can often take on multiple meanings, shapes or ideas.

Fiona is influenced by the work of Gustav Klimt and traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art.

As a retired health professional working in maternity and child health services and with an interest in psychoanalytic thought, Fiona is interested in themes around reproduction, growth, development and the excitement of what maybe bubbling beneath the surface.

The exhibition is open to ISoA members. Non members can book an appointment to visit by emailing Charlotte at

The exhibition runs until Thursday 30th April 2015


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