Celebrating the Success of our Young Artists

Posted on by Paul Regan

When our young students head off to University, there is always a little bit of sadness in the air. Fortunately, there is a lot of joy too, knowing that they chose to make Insight an important part of their week and their education to date. This year we are saying goodbye and good luck to five students, all who have been coming to Insight for most of their secondary school years, if not longer. Each student has kindly sent in one of their paintings for us to share with you below.

We feel very lucky to have had the chance to teach these five students and would like to wish them many very successful years ahead.

Grace Conwell has been coming all the way from west London every Saturday during term time for most of a decade! We feel honoured that she has made Insight a part of her weekly routine. She is a hugely talented painter and will continue to study art from September on a Foundation Course in Nottingham.

Mahima Chauhan has painted dozens of wonderful paintings at Insight. Of particular note are her still life paintings in acrylics and watercolour. Mahima will be studying Geography with Spanish next year and plans to continue painting, especially during her field trips.

Nicole Di is an amazing portrait and landscape painter in oils. The fantastic portrait she made during work experience at Insight last year was snapped up by a passer by who spotted it through the door, and she has just completed a commission for a film that will be released later in the year. Nicole will be going to Art School in September.

Sheniz Hassan has not only been coming to classes at Insight, but also attended work experience with us, and then joined our staff team, helping to run childrens’ classes at weekends and some days after school. Shen will attend a Foundation Course in Camden next year and hopes to work with textiles in the future.

Sofya Firsakova will be moving on to study Geography next year. Despite not taking art for A-Level, she has continued to attend Insight on Saturdays for pleasure, which makes us very proud. We are confident that she will continue to paint and enjoy many trips to galleries with friends in the future.

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