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Posted on by Paul Regan

It’s always nice to see what artwork is being made by teachers at Insight. Some works can be currently seen in exhibitions, and a lot more can be found on Instagram.

Firstly, Mick Kirkbride has four works on show with the New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries. We are sure you will all agree, his four and a half foot tall oil painting ‘Mid Century Shoppers’ is absolutely brilliant!

Mick’s three other, smaller works are: ‘Plenary’ , ‘The Curious’ and ‘Doing a Tacita’. The latter recalls the week when classes at Insight made large chalk drawings on the wall, based on the work of Tacita Dean. All works are for sale through the Mall Galleries website and you can go on a virtual tour of the exhibition here.

Mick has also submitted work for this year’s Art in a Postcard in aid of the Hepatitis C Trust. Bidding continues until July 8th.

Rob Verrill (@robertverrill on Instagram) will be showing the work ‘Distant Relations: With Love From Lockdown’, at the Distanced Domestic live exhibition at the Old Dairy Gallery, Powerscroft Road, Clapton E5 0PT from 27th to 31st July 2021.

Rob has also been making the series of drawings of shopping lists (below), found around local supermarkets over the past 18 months or so, and the large scale work; ‘Once Were Lost But Now Are Found’, a reassembly and rehabilitation of found fragments of billboard posters, formerly advertising Steve McQueen’s artwork Class 3, condensed into one poster sheet-sized banner. An earlier version of this can be found on his Instagram feed.

Also, Celestine Thomas (@celestinethomas on Instagram), has added lots of new work to her website. Karen Walters (@karenwaltersart on Instagram) has been making new paintings ‘inspired by the pandemic and our recent solitary life. The trees and a limited palette have been used as symbolism, representing the limitations and restrictions on our lives’. Matt Davies has added a couple of lovely new paintings to his instagram (@mattdavies_artist) feed.

Celestine Thomas

Karen Walters and Matt Davies


Finally, Paul Regan (@paulregan on Instagram), painted three ‘Lockdown Bonfires’ for the current exhibition at the Bankside Gallery on the South Bank. The show opened on the 18th of June and runs until August 8th. Work can be purchased at the gallery and taken straight home ‘off the wall’, or on their website here. He’s since painted two more bonfires, which you can see on his instagram feed. Also, you might like to watch this short video the Bankside Gallery put together which shows how he made the bonfire paintings from start to finish.

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