Another wonderful testimonial

We received another wonderful unsolicited testimonial the other day. Thank you to Helen Winder for your very kind words.

“I have been meaning to write to you about the Wednesday eve life drawing class at Insight. It is a popular class with a huge positive energy, mainly due to our tutor Micheal kirkbride. We all talk about how fortunate we are to have such an encouraging passionately spirited teacher. His enthusiasm for creating is infectious.
I studied art for 5 years full time back in the late 80s with a Btec diploma then degree in Design and I always enjoyed the life drawing. Since attending the class with Micheal I feel I have developed confidence in studying figurative art far further than during my much earlier 5 years study. Perhaps it’s due to wise older age but I believe it is due to your class with a top teacher. Thank you, it is an important positive part of my life now and we all agree in the group that it is the ‘highlight of our week’, even with all our differing busy lives.
There is a generous spirit of encouragement within the class and Mick has built the right tone and structure which has allowed each person to show their own hidden talent.

Sorry to waffle on but felt need to let you know in writing!

All the best


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