A message from Insight teacher Matt Davies to all his young artists.

Posted on by Paul Regan

Hi all,

I hope you are keeping well! I know many of you were preparing for exams and I want to encourage you not to be too disheartened. You are incredibly smart and creative young people with extremely bright futures ahead of you! I hope amidst all this uncertainty you are certain of that!

Try and use this time to continue with your leaning. Read more. Draw more. Be as creative as you can! In moments of rest bite between being a busy new dad I have been sketching plain air and from found imagery, more the latter.

I am currently making drawings of work from one of my favourite painters Euan Uglow. His paintings explore a range of subject matter from landscapes to figurative work.

Why don’t you chose an artist and make a series of sketches based on their work. Imitate their marks, grow familiar with their practice then break away and explore with more freedom scale, colour, composition and media.

I would love to see what you are working on and will happily offer feedback if you send in work to Paul.

Stay healthy and creative,
All the best,


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