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Posted on by Paul Regan

Many thanks to Andrew Shelley for this lovely email testimonial and for allowing us to print it in full:


Today was Anjali’s last day at ISoA, she moves to big school in Sep and will be concentrating on central studies for a while. I took the opportunity to thank Rob at class today, he has had a very real influence on Anjali’s artistic development over the last 4+ years and his insight (No pun intended) into the use of paint and line has given her solid building blocks for a future that will definitely include creative elements of that I have no doubt. I also wanted to add my thanks to you for creating the right environment and opportunity to give Anjali a taste of what being creative is all about. It has given her the confidence to believe she has a skill that others might admire and opportunities to proudly show her work either at end of term displays or ISoA exhibitions (She still talks about winning a prize). Those opportunities can only give her confidence and stand her in good stead as she takes the next steps in her formal education.

I have to say I will also miss ISoA ┬ápartly because it was just far enough away for me to stay in the gallery whilst Anjali was upstairs and read all of the RA magazines (I think I’ve read all of them now). That type of enforced relaxation is hard to come by and surrounded by varied works over the year it has also contributed to me picking up my brushes again which was no bad thing. I enjoyed meeting you from time to time and I wish ISoA (and NLAN) the best of business health going forward.

All the best
Andrew Shelley

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