Weekly studio based class in Whetstone

Abstract Projects

Mondays 1- 3.15pm

Jo Spicer

Artwork: Jo Spicer (Detail)

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The 'Abstract Projects' class is for students wanting to make abstract paintings and drawings in our supportive studio environment. Each term consists of six, one week challenges, each responding to abstract concepts and styles from art history, and six weeks of advice and guidance to help develop each student’s own ideas for making abstract work.

This course is suitable for all levels of artists.

Students are required to bring their own art materials. Any type of paints will be suitable. A full list of equipment can be found on the FAQ page.

This course will be limited to 16 students.

Adults 16yrs+ only

Price: £241.00 including VAT

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Painting by karen walters

Artwork: Karen Walters