Weekly studio based class in Whetstone

Working Towards Abstraction

Mondays 1- 3.15pm

Jo Spicer

Artwork: Jo Spicer (Detail)

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A twelve week course guiding students towards making successful non-representational artwork.

Insight teacher Karen Walters will be delivering twelve, fast paced, painting and drawing sessions aimed at students who are new to abstract painting. Karen will introduce different artists each week, and set carefully designed creative challenges to guide students towards making confident non-representational artwork

During the term, Karen will cover colour, texture, pattern, composition, gesture, expression, emotion and much, much more!

This course is suitable for all levels of artists, however it will be aimed at students who are new to making abstract art.

All materials provided.

This course will be limited to 16 students.

Adults 16yrs+ only

Price: £255 including VAT

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Painting by karen walters

Artwork: Karen Walters