Terms and conditions and important information and for bookings made on or after 27th May 2022.

Please read all of this page before booking a class or workshop.

When booking a class or workshop with Insight, you are agreeing to all of the following:

After making a booking for a term time class, you have up to 7 days (but no later than 7 days before the first class of term) to change your mind and request a refund or credit. After this date, we will not refund or credit students for the fee they have paid, for any reason. The same applies for one off workshops, however, should you cancel when a workshop is fully booked, and we are able to find a replacement, we will pass the funds one to you.

Insight School of Art Ltd reserves the right to make any changes to the details of the course programme.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking, either before the start of term or during term, should we feel that our school is not suitable for a student, for whatever reason. A refund will be made for all sessions paid for from the day of cancellation.

Should we close a studio for any reason, we will move the majority of classes online until we are able to reopen. No refunds or credit will be made for moving from the studio to online, or if a student chooses not to attend online. The following classes will not run online and a refund will be made for the classes we can not run: Monday 1pm, Print Club and Thursday 1pm.

During the coronavirus pandemic, or anything similar, Insight reserves the right to impose safety measures, including, but not limited to, the wearing of masks, hand cleansing and social distancing.

Student’s who attend weekly classes for adults are expected to bring their own painting and drawing equipment and paper, except for Monday 1pm and Thursday 1pm. Some materials will be provided for Print Club and drawing equipment and paper will be provided for life drawing and portraiture. There is a list on the FAQ page of our website. When students attend online, they are required to provide all of their equipment and materials, including a good sized screen to work from and a stable internet connection.

Students attending classes online will be able to watch demonstrations and information about artists. Life drawing students will have access to a view of the model in the studio. General painting students will receive feedback about their work, however it is not possible to offer feedback to life drawing or portrait students attending online.

Please avoid arriving to class any earlier than five minutes before your class so that teachers have time to prepare. Please try to leave on time. Parents of children attending any 6-8, 8-11 or 10-13yrs class, should collect their child on time at the end of class, unless we have been informed by the child's parent or guardian in advance. Children attending 11-14 or 15-18 yrs classes will be allowed to go home on their own, unless their parent / guardian has informed us in advance that they will be collecting.

Parents who drop their child off must leave the studio before the start of the class.

Students should wear clothing suitable for getting paint on. Insight will not accept responsibility for clothes that get damaged in the studios.

Zoom passes, or any other access to online learning with Insight, are only to be used by the person who is on the booking form and not shared. This person must make sure that the name showing on their Zoom profile matches the name on the booking form.

Disruptive or dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated in the studios or online, under any circumstance. Should any student behave in a way that it deemed unacceptable by the teacher will be asked to leave.

When attending a class online, it is forbidden to record the class in any way, whether using a camera, video camera or screen shots, unless the teacher has given permission.

All teaching resources are the copyright of Insight School of Art Ltd and may not be shared or used by anyone except for the person who is on the register.

Useful information:

Students attending our Whetstone studio should check their confirmation of booking email for the gate code.

The FAQ section of our website is likely to answer any questions you might have, including what to bring to class and parking. If you can't find the information there, please send us an email.

Please email office@insight-art.co.uk if you have any questions. In the case of an emergency, please call 07963 190197.

All students are encouraged to bring a drink and a healthy snack to class. All our classes are nut free spaces so please check the ingredient of your snacks first. Outside of the pandemic period, we also supply tea and coffee during classes for adults.

Please email the school with any information that you believe the class teacher should be aware of. e.g. Special needs, Medications and Allergies.

If you didn’t receive a receipt for your booking, or you require one different to the automated receipt, please email office@insight-art.co.uk

You are more than welcome to share your artwork on social media. Please tag us on Instagram so that we see your post (@insightart).

The fees for all classes include VAT Company (Registration Number: 996 9326 45 ). Insight School of Art is a Limited Company (No. 7334315).

How to enrol:

You can enrol for classes securely from this website using a credit or debit card by clicking the links next to each class. Please get in touch if you would prefer to pay by Direct Debit or a bank transfer.

’Book Now' signifies that anyone may book a place straight away by clicking the link.

Current members are given priority to re-book their class before new members. The website will note the date at which new members can book. Most classes become fully booked soon after this date.

Places for workshop days are available on a first come first served basis.

When places are available during the term it may be possible to enrol pro-rata for the remaining weeks. Please contact us to check availability.

You are very welcome to visit the school before enrolling. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.