Lessons during the Coronavirus epidemic

Update 5th March 2021.

Having been delivering classes online for the whole spring term, we are now expecting to return to the studios for the summer term, and to continue to offer most classes online simultaneously, for students wishing to work from home.

It is very important that everyone booking for the summer term, also reads our terms and conditions of booking beforehand, so that they are aware of our cancelation policy and what will happen if we are told to close our studio again in the future.

In response to the Coronavirus epidemic, we have changed the way we run our classes, making sure that all of our staff and students are safe in the studio. Until further notice, during the Summer term 2021, when our studios are open, the following will apply:

Many of our studio classes will be delivered on Zoom simultaneously. The maximum size for our adult and children's classes in our Whetstone studio, and our 'home from home' studio in Bricket Wood, is now 14, with most classes being 12, and just 8 for life drawing classes.

All life drawing classes can be attended in person or over Zoom, with a Zoom Pass. A Zoom Pass gives access to all three Life Drawing sessions each week throughout the term. All students who book a studio place will also receive a Zoom Pass.

We have measured out our studios so that seats are at least two meters apart or partitioned by a large 6ft screen. Demonstrations will be viewed at a distance on a big screen and work will be requested at a viewing area for critique.

We don't like having rules at Insight, but it has been necessary to create a list of Studio Rules for the duration of the pandemic. If you attend classes in the studio, please adhere to the following:

Please avoid arriving to your class early or leaving late so that we have time to prepare the studio for each class.

As a courtesy to others, please do not come in the studio if you are showing signs of being unwell.

If you have tested positive for Coronavirus, please self isolate and only come to the studio after the quarantine period and when you are no longer contagious.

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser when you arrive. Repeat at regular intervals during your class.

Wear a mask at all times, even when at your table.

Stay two meters away from other students as much as possible.

Please sit where indicated and do not move tables or screens.

Bring your own drink and food. Please do not bring products that contain nuts.

The kitchen area is currently out of bounds except for, in the case of classes in Whetstone, the use of the drinking water tap. Please use your own cups.

We will clean the toilet regularly but please let us know if it needs additional cleaning.

Cleaning spray will be available for adults to use on their tables and chairs.

It is not possible at the moment to invite parents into children’s classes.

Only one person may stand in each sink area at a time.

Use disposable palettes for acrylics and oils to save time at the sinks. In Bricket Wood we recommend bringing water in a bottle for painting sessions.

Please take your work and equipment home with you after class if possible.

Students need to bring their own materials for all classes, except for children’s classes and beginners classes for adults on Thursday afternoons, both of which are held in Whetstone.

Finally, please be patient. We are trying our best!