How we teach children

art class, oil, acrylic and watercolour painting, North London

‘I remember, all those years ago, during my first year at art school, I would arrive each morning not knowing what was in store for me, but ready to take part in whatever challenge had been planned. Then, at the end of the day, I would walk home, enriched with new skills and knowledge, elated and exhausted. Those days proved to be some of the best learning experiences I would have, and became the catalyst for what we aim to provide at Insight School of Art every day.‘

Paul Regan, Insight Founder and Director

Insight provides a grown up ‘Art School’ experience for children of all ages. Our classes bring together children who not only love making art, but also want to learn and achieve more from their painting and drawing. It's not necessary for children to arrive to their first class with accomplished painting and drawing skills but a passion for making art is essential.

Insight's experienced teachers write new lesson plans every term, ensuring that students of all abilities learn new skills and techniques, and continually broaden their knowledge of art. Students develop skills in drawing and painting, using watercolour, acrylic and oil paints, as well as a wide range of drawing materials.

Lessons are planned within the themes of People, Places and Objects, exploring different genres of art, representational and abstract, working from direct observation, photographs and imagination. Six to eleven year olds take part in a series of one off workshops, whereas children aged eleven and over take part in one off workshops during the first half of term, followed by personal projects in the second half of term, learning how to develop their own ideas into meaningful artwork.

At the end of each term all children who attend our studio based classes exhibit their work before taking their folder home.

All of our teachers are highly qualified with experience teaching in schools or collages, and run their own art practice. Teachers are supported in class by our studio assistants and all adults in class hold up to date DBS (CRB) checks.